Words of Advice for Young Actors Looking For A Career and Character Actor Headshots

October 30, 2021

In your youth, big dreams and aspirations are nearly all that you think about. I know as a kid in elementary school, all I looked forward to was being older and finally becoming an actor. I loved the spectacle of movies and truly thought that that life was for me. Since then I’ve learned quite a lot growing up as a child actor so here are some words of advice for Young Actors looking for success in the acting industry – you need to get yourself a great character headshot!

#1 | Find Agents & Managers who love and respect you.

Early in your journey as an actor, you will be approached by many different talent agents or managers that may claim they can get you the fame and success of your dreams. But not so fast, beware that many of these people are scammers and frauds looking to take advantage of young budding actors and parents who don’t understand how the business works. An immediate red flag is if they ask for money upfront or seem extremely exclusive about who you can take classes and train with, who can take your headshots, and who you’re able to deal with in the acting industry. This is a tale-tale sign that they have deals with these other individuals to make a cut of the money they are getting from you.

Know that in acting, your agents and managers don’t get paid until YOU get paid. Their job is to believe in you and your talent and submit you for roles and auditions that you are comfortable with. In order for them to accomplish that, they need to get to know you and choose to invest in you and your growth. You want to analyze how you feel when you speak to them. Does it really feel like they want to get to know you and build you up as an actor, or does it seem like they are just trying to make a quick buck? A lot of these decisions will be up to your parents but it’s always important you know and understand these things because it’s your career and future that they’re dealing with.

#2 | Join a community of other young actors.

Joining a community of other young actors will help you develop strong relationships. These relationships can many times last a lifetime. You’ll learn other tips from parents and kids that will help you grow and learn. Community is everything in the acting world. You want to make sure you always value this and try your best to make it a priority in your career. Classes are the main way you do this, make sure you join as many classes as you are financially able to.

#3 | Develop a strong work ethic and maintain a curious mind.

Learn your lines, do your homework. Period. Develop a strong work ethic, you’re going to be working in an industry where adults will be your co-workers. There’s nothing that will impres them more than a young actor who takes their work seriously. Always give your best and show your maturity when on set. Also, ensure to build your portfolio with character actor headshots in LA.

Thanks for reading and as always, if you’re looking for character actor headshots in Los Angeles, click below!


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