The Perks of Being A Headshot Photographer

December 6, 2021

As a kid growing up with a strong love of movies and cinema, I never thought my life would be filled with working actors, directors, and creatives. The moments that the medium of the film brings to life on screen are unmatched. The emotions and depth the actors on screen possessed to produce these captivating performances never ceased to amaze me. Now as an adult. I have surprisingly found a way to explore that aspect of my childhood that I loved so much, while providing great headshots in Los Angeles to up-and-coming artists.

Being blessed to be a headshot photographer has allowed me to work with some phenomenal actors and because our headshot sessions are more of a character exploration than just taking a pretty picture. I get to see the skill of these actors up close and personal. Every slight movement in their expressions brings to life some of the most interesting characters that helps us capture the best headshots in Los Angeles.

I love having the ability to orchestrate and pull out some of these great characters these actors can produce. Because I’m an actor myself, it makes it quite easy for me to communicate with my clients using our typical “actor jargon.” I treat my headshot sessions a bit more like acting classes than photoshoots. This really helps the actors get into the headspace necessary to create these looks, rather than having them worried too much about looking pretty and glamourous. When you look at a great headshot in Los Angeles, taken by Glass Darkly, you want to see emotion, intensity, and overall an interesting character.

As always, if you’re ever interested in booking a headshot session with us in the Los Angeles area, book below to get your great headshots in Los Angeles taken by professionals.


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