An Analysis of 3 Great Commercial Headshots

October 21, 2021

A portfolio of solid commercial headshots can be a great tool for any actor looking to break out into the world of television commercials. Commercials can be such a fun way to challenge yourself as an actor, and try a different type of acting the doesn’t always involve perfecting the depths of a character. In general, many times commercials are about being relatable and allowing your inner-self to really shine through. Furthermore, these commercials can be shot anywhere. This means that you will need outdoor and indoor professional headshots. Brands are looking for a face that can appeal to their audience in any light or location. Here’s a quick analysis of 3 commercial headshots so you know what looks to achieve to get great headshots for your portfolio.

#1: Classic Clean Approachable

Young Asian Man Headshot

This is a classic look that every actor should have in their repertoire. This look is the all-American, friendly parent look. You could easily see this actor in a number of different commercials selling anything from dog food to insurance – and this shot could be for an indoor or an outdoor professional headshot. A balanced smile makes this headshot a great look for someone that wants to appeal to a broad audience. The folded arms exude confidence and a mature tone in the shot – wrapping this shot up as one of the great headshots to add to your portfolio.

#2 Poised Smart Confident

Young Beautiful Woman Headshot

This look has become extremely popular among commercials. This acting headshot is filled with confidence and a friendly vibe that makes you feel as though you’re in good hands. (All-state Pun, haha) Think Flo from progressive, or J.K. Simmons from the Farmers Insurance commercials. The green color is a great choice as it compliments the actress’s eyes but is not too distracting as to draw attention away from the face. Either Progressive or Farmers, we can get you outdoor and indoor professional headshots so your character is capture perfectly in both environments.

#3 Meek Smart Friendly

Young Man Headshot Photo

The meekness in this look is a great sell. Maybe a company is looking for an actor who is a techy, or nerd, or a little on the shy side. This headshot says exactly that in such a strong way, all while keeping the look open and friendly. The glasses really help bring the look together and sell the smart kid vibe. These can easily be added as great headshots to your portfolio.

All in all, commercial headshots should generally be friendly and approachable in scope. Brands want their audience to be welcomed or entertained by someone who attracts the type of customer the business desires. Don’t be afraid to let your own quirkiness and personality show through your commercial headshots. If you’re interested in booking a headshot session with us in the Los Angeles area book now!


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