Top 8 Wedding Day Details Brides Want For Their Professional Wedding Photography in LA

January 19, 2021

Any big wedding day is filled with a slurry of amazing details and moments brides want and crave to see. From special gifts from grandparents, to cherished heirlooms, to floral accents and, there are so many details to explore on a wedding day that make for an amazing photo gallery at the end of the night. Throughout my years shooting many weddings here at Glass Darkly, I’ve captured so many moment and details that have stayed dear to my client’s hearts. I’d like to share with you my Top 8 Wedding details that brides love to see in wedding photos for their professional wedding photography in LA. Our shots in sunny Los Angeles will help to best capture your divine day.

#1 The Dress Shot

Wedding Dress Hanging In Los Angeles

On your big wedding day, this one single item is what everyone is there to see. It’s the show stopper, the one that holds the spotlight, and it deserve a shot of its own. The wedding dress shot is one of my favorite shots to take as a wedding photographer as it allows me to capture such a beautiful piece of fabric in the most beautiful way. I will typical incorporate the architecture of the wedding venue into the shots as well. This is a must have shot for every wedding and brides love it! At Glass Darkly, we also have wedding photography packages to suit any need you might have!

#2 The Heels

Ladies love their heels, and the wedding day is no different. Heel shots a simple way to show off the bride’s unique style. With some added flower and fabric it’s sure to make a great image with balance. I always love catching these heel shots while brides are putting them on. Many times one of the bridesmaids will assist the bride in putting them on, which is a moment every bride loves to see in an image. Almost like a Cinderella moment – you need this kind of shot for professional wedding photography in LA!

#3 The Bouquet

Woman Holding Bouquet in Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Flowers are a quick way to a girl’s heart. Bouquets bring such a freshness to each wedding and act as the perfect accent to the day. This is one detail of the day you can use to add more style and pops of color. From the moments of the bride and groom portraits, all the way to the bouquet toss at the end of the night, this detail will easily spend a ton of time traveling through photos on the wedding day. Wedding Bouquets are easily one of the most unique ways Los Angeles brides can bring out their own unique style to their professional weddining photography.

#4 The Zip-up

Women Getting Ready For Wedding Lost Angeles

The classic zip-up is the moment she will cherish forever. Usually, the mother of the bride or maid of honor gets the privilege of zipping or lacing the bride into her dress. The warmth and love felt at this moment are so special. It’s one of the final bridal photos before the festivities of the night commence. If you want a beautiful shot like this, get started on your shoot with a customized wedding photography package!

#5 The Veil

Oh, the magic of a veil. This one item brings such a romantic vibe to every shot. Whether you have the bride and groom romantically cuddled underneath, or catch the bride twirling away with the veil flowing in the wind, the veil shots are sure to be special in any wedding gallery. Girls seem to love the mood they bring to each photo.

#6 The Rings

Like a circle, rings are the symbol of a marriage that was created to be never ending. What God has joined together, let no man tear apart. The innate beauty in these pieces of jewelry are highlights that every bride would want to see in her final wedding gallery. These tiny beauties will be worn on the fingers of the bride and groom for the rest of their lives. That is one special item you don’t want to miss a photo of, and can give a brilliant shine in your professional wedding photography in LA.

#7 The Accessories

Take all the beautiful small items and put them in a photo together. That is the accessory shot. Jewelry, perfume, earrings, ribbons, fabric, and flowers are perfect candidates to find in a beautiful shot like this. As a bride hunting for the perfect wedding photographer in Los Angeles, this is an easy way to recognize that your photographer cares about the small details and makes sure to capture them. At Glass Darkly, our wedding photography packages are all about the small details. The more special details and trinkets you bring on the big Wedding day the better. It helps us stage something beautiful you’ll always remember.

#8 The Invitation

Easily one of my favorite shots for its uniformity and class, I love invitation shots. As one of the many details bride and grooms forget to include in the wedding day photos, this shot holds such great power at showing the couple’s personal aesthetic of the day. It is another special touch for your professional wedding photography in LA Whether it’s a simple and clean invitation or something a bit more extravagant and luxurious, it’s an easy way of capturing the style of the day in one photo.

This is in no way an exhaustive list of all the wedding day details, there are tons more that are sure to be important on any wedding day. Just know if you’re a Los Angeles wedding photographer or bride looking to find the perfect person to capture the day, find one that cares about the details, because it’s the little things in life, right 🙂


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