A few of my Best Wedding Photos (& why I love them)

January 27, 2021

It’s January 2021 and I’m two years into the married life with my forever gorgeous wife Maritza. We just made it through the terrible year of 2020 and I’ve decided to look back on the previous years and dwell on what images I’ve created that have truly fulfilled me and made me realize that life is special. Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with to carry you through the good, bad, and ugly (aka. 2021) makes it all worthwhile. So here’s to some of my favorite wedding photos celebrating love and how it always perseveres.

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1|The Last Prayer

This wedding, in particular, was very special as it was a friend of mine who was getting married. I’ve known the groom since middle school and have taken a ton of photos of him. He was so supportive of my creative work as a young budding photographer. Looking back now I’ve forgotten how many crazy moments we have spent together creating, from senior photos to short films to playing together on our school’s football team. It was a beautiful experience for him and his new wife having their last prayer together before becoming husband and wife. The emotions at this moment were so high as they had their final moment of single-hood together, giving honor to God for taking them all this way. Capturing these moments, with friends, family, or even brief acquaintances is what makes my job as a wedding portrait photographer so worth while. The gorgeous backdrop of the tree with the beautiful plantation venue in the background made for a spectacular shot I’ll never forget – its aspects like these that make LA wedding photography so special and meaningful.

2|The Beauty of a Flowergirl

Showing up to a wedding, for me has a slight exciting rush to it as I’m always excited about what beautiful faces and personalities I’ll experience on the day. This wedding I shot in Los Angeles was filled with some of the most beautiful people inside and out and this little flower girl was such a great example of that. Talk about fierceness in her eyes, and I love that the Bride was standing right behind her. Such a perfect moment, encapsulating what we do for LA wedding photography.

3|A StoryBook Wedding

This wedding was straight out of a storybook. And this photo proves it ha! The bride here is having her first look at her future husband and man oh man I can’t think of a more creative way to have it. The groom, with his face buried in a book, is such a great way to style this moment. The bride is actually a wedding portrait photographer herself and naturally, I was honored when she asked me to capture her big wedding day. She is also one of those amazing people that pick you up and really believe in the work you do. This photo, this day, and these two make up easily one of my favorite wedding days of all time.

4 | A Sisters Hug

Another flower girl shot! This shot has such a gentleness to it. Though my own personal LA wedding photography style can vary from light and airy to dark and moody, the brighter look just really encapsulates the ethereal style of this wedding. This flower girl was holding her big sisters arm and it made for a touching moment on this wedding day.

5|Magazine Ready

This, in my opinion, is one of my most magazine-worthy shots, The dress, the flowers, the soft pink ribbon, the pastel colors. Everything about this shot makes me love what I do as a wedding photographer. One day there will be a huge print of this shot in my studio!

I hope you enjoyed this quick list, If you’re ever looking for LA wedding photography in the area, Glass Darkly is here for you. We would love to chat about how to capture your day the way you’ve always dreamt it. As an expert wedding portrait photographer, and photographer, we can ensure your special day is remembered for a lifetime!

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