5 Quick Tips for Professional Engagement Photos

December 21, 2020

#1 Find the right photographer

This is the first and definitely most important tip I can give you for engagement photograhy. Though it might not seem much like a tip, it is vital as it makes all the other tips much easier if you succeed on this one. I know many clients who have chosen the wrong photographer for important occasions for one reason or another. It all comes down to them regretting not choosing the right photographer. You want to first think about what your ideal style is as a couple. Maybe like most people, your style is bright and airy. Or maybe your style leans more to dark and moody. Whichever style, you’re going to want to find a photographer that matches your taste for professional engagement photos in Los Angeles.

Your first mindset is to go with what is most budget-friendly. And while there is a time and place for budgeting, engagement photos are not one of those times. Your kids will look back at the photos one day, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on that photographer who has what it takes to produce the artistic feel you want.

#2 Find the Perfect location

What is the joint style of you and your significant other? Maybe you both love the outdoors, or maybe you lean towards a more classy and sophisticated lifestyle? These are all the questions you want to ask yourself when deciding the right location. Whether it’s an outdoor session or shoot inside the studio, knowing your joint style as a couple will help you decide the right location. For professional engagement photos in Los Angeles, and experienced engagement photographer can help you find the location to help your shoot shine!

Another good question to ask yourself is how comfortable you are in front of the camera. If you’re a bit on the awkward side, which most people are, maybe a studio session that’s a bit more posed, may not be the right choice for you. It may be better to choose a location that gives you something to do that feels more natural, like a day at the beach playing in the waves, or an outdoor adventure hiking up mountains. Whichever avenue you choose, your photographer should always do their best to make you feel comfortable and natural for your engagement photography.

#3 Choose the right time

This is a HUGE decision as timing is everything. The reason being, because the light is constantly changing throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Most of the time photographers are going to want to shoot during what’s called “golden hour” which, oddly enough, is actually a bit longer than an hour. During this time the sun is on its way down and produces this warm golden light that gives the photos an insanely dreamy glow.

If you want that golden hour look in your photos, let your photographer know – this can help you produce professional engagement photos in Los Angeles. The worst thing you can do is be dead-set on shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is highest in the sky. This produces photos with harsh shadows and blown out highlights which never look good. Aim to be flexible with your timing for the photos and your photographer will be sure to thank you.

#4 Pick the right clothes

This step is make it or break it. You don’t want to take this one lightly. Really think about what your personal style is as a couple and choose outfit that are going to flatter you both. Typically as a rule of thumb, earthy colors and tones work best for flattering skin tones for your engagement photography session.

#5 Bring accessories/props

Making a session with your significant other special does not always have to be stone cold serious. Accessories and props can really bring out the multi-faceted nature of your love, and add a dimension to the shoot that gives the engagement photos longterm appeal. I highly reccomend bringing along props and accessories to your shoot to have a great balance between love/serious and flirtatious/silly.

All of these tips can help you create professional engagement photos in Los Angeles. Ready to get started with Glass Darkly today? Contact us below!


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