The Dark Side of the Acting Industry

December 22, 2021

Hollywood, to most of the world, is seen as the beautiful diamond in the ruff that produces the world’s most glamourous celebrities, the most entertaining tv shows, and movies, and promises success like no other if you take the leap of faith towards it. But what many actors, and creatives alike, don’t realize is that there is a deep dark side to the acting industry that must be understood before trying to work in Hollywood.

Firstly, understand that this industry’s morals and values can in many cases be considered non-existent. Whatever other values that it holds are constantly being updated as the culture progresses, and arguably in some ways, Hollywood is actually the driving force of those changes.

The narrative they put out is the one much of the world will be discussing and either embracing or rejecting. That’s where you come in; a budding creative looking to find your voice in this sea of thoughts and dreams, in need of the most beautiful headshot to capture your new acting career. In many ways, you might have other values and principles that could be counter to what the industry is trying to push. If you’re a writer, you may not be into the Horror Genre nor do you want to use your talents to create anything like that – but sometimes the profession pushes you in a direction you want to avoid.

Unfortunately, these principles you have are going to be put to the test. And you have to be ready. Whether it is being put into a compromising situation being a beautiful young actor, or trying to produce a clean wholesome film and having the producers want to” dirty” it up a bit to “keep things interesting”. Know where your values are and stand firmly on them at all times. Give nothing to this industry and demand your values be respected. Success is never worth losing what you hold true to yourself.

Though this Dark side can be very defeating for many actors, you can overcome it. God is always there for you, and as the saying goes, He’s as close as the mention of is the name. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. And if you’ve lost your way down this path of life you’ll always know exactly where to run back. He himself has given me this great career in Hollywood and allowed me to be a blessing to so many people I’ve met. He allowed me to overcome the dark side of the industry and He can help you on your Journey as well – by providing you with the perfect headshot!

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