An Analysis of 3 Creative, Female & Male Theatrical Headshots

October 21, 2021

Theatrical acting headshots are one of an actor’s greatest tools in their career. Each headshot has the ability to get you booking rolls that otherwise may not have been possible to get. This is not always for the casting director’s benefit, but rather, for your agent’s. Agents need a definitive guide to the range of the actors they have on their roster in order to accurately submit them to various projects. The strongest way to show your agent your range is through various theatrical headshot looks. Our team can work to ensure your creative, female and male headshots in Los Angeles are done professionally. Our team’s modern headshot approach is contiually based off of our creative analyses of headshots. Here’s an analysis of 3 great headshot looks for theatrical actors.

#1: Bad Boy Bully/Villan

Bad Boy Villan Headshot

The edge in this look is KILLER – a prime example of a modern headshot. This is how to do the bad-boy villain look. Easily one of my favorite headshots. The leather jacket really sells the tough guy look without him looking like he’s trying too hard. Though leather jackets are one of my favorite clothing pieces to shoot, it can often happen that the jacket ends up wearing the actor and not the other way around. For some reason, villains quite often wear jackets. So, if you’re going for an intimidating look, grab some hoodies or jackets out of your closet and you’re on your way. We can get your creative, female & male headshots in Los Angeles expertly shot for your villain look with props to match!

#2 Confident, Attractive, Leading-Lady

Leading Lady Headshot

When you’re this beautiful and you’re looking for that leading lady role, a little glamour is going to help you greatly. For this headshot look, you want to look and feel your best all while exuding confidence and a relatable vibe. Spruce up your hair, and choose a color top that flatters your skin tone and eyes. Nailing the tones in this shot is crucial for a modern headshot. You don’t want anything to clash and draw attention away from the actor. The excellent choice of green works great with this actresses eyes and her strong gaze really pulls you in. Perfect execution of the leading lady actress headshot!

#3 Strong, Tough, Professional

Professional Strong Headshot

This look is such a popular look for strong and authoritative actors. This particular actor was from New York and very easily excelled at honing in on the strength of a professional. This look easily sells well for detective, cop, lawyer, or even a business professional look. Her facial expression maintains strength and calm but with a high sense of analytical ponderance.

Theatrical headshots are your chance to show off that range of characters and really captivate your range in just one headshot photo. We can get your creative, female and male headshots done in Los Angeles to build up your portfolio. Work hard at putting together a great portfolio of headshots as your career continues to expand and reach new heights. As always, if you’re looking for top-notch acting headshots in the Los Angeles area, reach out to Glass Darkly!


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