Top 5 Headshot Looks Every Actor Must Have

December 10, 2020

Headshots, oh headshots, As actors, we love them and we hate them, but sadly, we can’t live without them. Every Actor at some point has come to the realization that character actor headshots in Los Angeles is the necessary evil that can sometimes make or break our careers. Though we LOVE being in front of a moving camera, a regular camera, not so much. Odd, I know.

Nevertheless, for all you actors who want a no-brainer, simplistic approach to choosing some staple headshot looks, this list is for you. Que the drumroll! These are the top 5 headshots every actor must have with the clothes that sell the look! For model headshot photography in Los Angeles, definitely follow along as well!

#1 The Classic Denim Jacket

Actor Headshot Examples | Glass Darkly

There’s something about denim that brings that classic American vibe to life. Whenever you want to go for a neutral clean cut look, this is the way to go. Building layer’s many times are the key to a great headshot look and pairing denim jackets with nearly any look is a great way to make your model headshot photography in Los Angeles stand out to casting directors and agents.

#2 The Suit

Actor Headshot Examples | Glass Darkly

With such a high volume of detective, lawyer, and business roles and tv shows this is no doubt a must have look for every actor. Tie or no tie this look applies in so many ways. The no tie look feels a bit more relaxed but is also a great way to add a little edge and interest. You’d be hard pressed to name a tv show that doesn’t have at least 1 character that typically wears this type of look – perfect for character actor headshots!

#3 The Edgy Leather Jacket Look

Actor Headshot Examples | Glass Darkly

When you want cool, go for the leather. It’s the staple bad boy/girl look that hasn’t changed for decades. It’s got a classic coolness that I don’t think will ever go out of style. Now, as an actor you’ve got to be able to step into these characters and embody them with strength and ease. This is important because not everyone can rock a leather jacket. You could consider this look a bit of a double edge sword as you can wear a leather jacket, or the leather jacket can wear you. But, If you do in fact have the confidence to pull this one off, it’ll no doubt rise to the top in those stack of headshots as someone who can handle a roll that requires a bit of extra confidence. This leather look can also add a layer of intense draw for model headshot photography in Los Angeles.

#4 Rough & Tough Hoody

Actor Headshot Examples | Glass Darkly

The intimidation factor in this look is so important. This headshot look can get you ready for your next undercover look and really draw that myterious nature to your actor headshots, and model headshot photography in Los Angeles. This character gives a calm, cool, and in charge look without being too flashy. The subtleties are perfect for your next headshot portfolio.

#5 The Flannel Look

Helpful parent, or caring friend? This flannel look allows you to embody the American spirit of the country, and show agencies you are ready for a role with leadership potential. This look helps to accentuate your features for acting headshots, and character actor headshots. The simplicity shows so much without saying too little.

If you are ready for your acting headshots, or for exquisite model headshot photography in Los Angeles, it is time to contact Glass Darkly Today!


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