5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wish You Knew

April 27, 2019

Wedding Planning can quite easily become an overwhelming task. It’s a task that everyone keeps telling you that you’re supposed to enjoy, yet you just can’t seem to keep your head afloat of all the planning. Typically the biggest help of all, you may not even be utilizing. That underutilized tool you may ask? Yep, you guessed it, it’s your photographer. So here’s 5 tips us wedding photographers REALLY want you to know to help the planning for your big day go smoothly.

1. We have been to a TON of weddings, so ask us questions, we know what to expect.

When picking an experienced photographer to capture your wedding, you’re not just hiring someone to snap photos of the big day, but you’re also gaining a partner on your planning team that could be a valuable asset. Now we may not necessarily be so inclined to hold your hand through the entire process, but we can definitely share valuable insight on almost every aspect of your big day. So schedule a quick phone call with us. Let us help you figure out the best times to have a first look, what type of uplighting you may want at your wedding, how you want to execute your grand exit, ect. For the most part, there are very few things we have not encountered on a wedding day, and thankfully we can share the best ways to avoid those many pitfalls that can occur on your big day. So ask away!

2. Yes, We want your business but we also want you to be in love with your images/products. So go big!

Yes, us photographers love making money off of our wonderful clients. But truthfully, we want you to be happy with the products and coverage of the big wedding day. Understandably, different weddings have different goals, budgets, and can vary in size. But we always suggest going big. If there’s any day to splurge and churn out the big bucks, its your wedding day, the day you can never do again. You’re going to cherish having those extra prints, blow ups, and albums after the big day. Your future grandkids are going to love looking back at those images as well; admiring how much the looked like you!

3. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! Lighting is EVERYTHING!

Our job, is literally, to capture light as it bounces off of our beautiful client’s faces. That being said, in planning the events of your big day, think heavily on what the lighting will be like. From your getting ready spot, to the venue itself, or the sunset photos you forgot about putting into the schedule, lighting is what makes your images come alive. If you’re planning on getting ready at a hotel or house, choose a location with big windows that let in large amounts of light. Stay away from dingy hotel rooms and dimly lit locations.

4. Book an engagement session. Even if you’ve already had your engagement photos done.

Engagement sessions are so key for many different reason. It gives us a chance to get to know each other more personally and it also gives us photographers a great idea of how you are in front of the camera. Some couples are a bit shy and take some warming up; others love the idea of rough housing and joking with each others during their sessions. This is valuable insight for us to gather as it will help us tremendously on the big wedding day. That way, we know exactly what angles to shoot you best from and it removes a lot of the first time awkwardness in photos. This huge benefit is why all of our engagement sessions at Glass Darkly are complimentary.

5. The Day is about you! Don’t get distracted.

Remember, weddings are a celebration of the love that you have towards your soon to be spouse. It can be so easy to get distracted and frustrated when things don’t go as planned on the wedding day. But remember, it’s all about love. So smile, enjoy your family and loved ones who are around you. If the caterer showed up 2 hours late, so what? You’re in love! don’t let it ruin your day. Side Note: tell uncle bob to put his massive camera away during the ceremony. Don’t let him distract you either, haha. That’s why you hire us. Hands up for un-plugged weddings! Whoop whoop!

All in all, us photographers want to make beautiful images for our clients. We want to see our clients faces light up when they see their images. We want the endless flood of heart eyes text when they finally see the gallery images. We live for that. Take these tips, call up your photographer, and get to planning!

May God bless your Marriage!

-Ren Scott, Glass Darkly


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